About Me


Olympic Quality Cleaning Ltd. was founded in 2003 the day the olympics were announced in Whistler.  Wayne and his partner Genevieve were both Executive managers for big hotels in Whistler prior to stating OQC Ltd.  Between the two of them, they have over 30 years of cleaning experience.  No other company in town can claim that with two employees.  We have always been conscious of the environment and use only eco-friendly products and recycled materials. 

Wayne Conarroe      Director/ CEO & founder

is originally from Port Coquitlam,BC.  He moved to whistler in 1991, where he got work as a housekeeper for a local property management company.  He worked there for two years until he got a job with Blackcomb Mountain as a Heavy Duty Mechanics Apprentice.  He worked there for 5 years before getting a job window washing for a cleaning company.  He worked window washing for two more years before the company offered him an executive position at a hotel in town managing and training cleaning.  He remained at that job until he started Olympic Quality Cleaning Ltd. in 2003 with his partner Genevieve Dallaire.

Geneviève Dallaire       Employee/ Founder

is originally from Lac Mégantic, Quebec.   She moved to Whistler in 1998, where she got a job for a small hotel as a housekeeper.  Geneviève has been house keeping ever since.  She co-founded Olympic Quality Cleaning Ltd in 2003 with her partner Wayne.  They had a child together in 2011 named Gabrielle. 

Together they are a highly experienced and dynamic team.  Focused on providing the highest quality and best service to their customers every time.